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Our Goal
has been working in India for over many years, concentrating on ending scarcity and social injustice.
We do this complete well-planned and wide-ranging programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response.
Mr. Prem Shankar Verma
Mr. Santosh Kumar Maurya

Education Programmes
Education is the key to allowing women and girls, which helps bring about social equality. Girls’ education programme works on improving lives and providing opportunities for girls and women through increased participation in formal and alternative education systems. The program builds on original pilot projects and strategic partnerships developed by SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT over the last decade. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT works closely with government-run schools and the different levels within the Government. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT works to help girls’ complete primary education and access formal schools through accelerated learning methodology and provide academic support to enhance the quality of learning. We also help nurture leadership skills amongst girls and offer alternative education opportunities for women and girls who have never been enrolled or have dropped out early from school.
Livelihood Programmes
SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT believes in helping individuals live a life of dignity. To achieve this, our livelihood programmes focuses on generating sustainable livelihoods. This is done through capacity building, fostering community links and promoting small businesses. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT India puts special focus on entrepreneurial ventures, which are owned by women. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT through its livelihood programmes promotes microfinance, Self Help Groups, capacity building and small businesses. It also fosters linkages between community collectives and financial institutions. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT also focuses on improving the literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills to promote sustainable livelihoods.
Health Programmes
Delivering health SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT to over a billion people is a very complex challenge. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT India works in close collaboration with State and Central Government and other partner organisations to secure accessible and quality maternal and child healthSOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT among marginalised communities. We work towards identifying the root causes of healthSOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT challenges, provide innovative solutions, and help implement secure and quality healthSOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT services in India. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT India believes that a healthy mother and a healthy baby is the route to a productive, developed nation. Hence, SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT has specially focused upon providing comprehensive solutions to address public health problems. We promote essential new born SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT and immunisation, reduce malnutrition, prevent infant and maternal deaths and protect those affected by or susceptible to HIV/ AIDS and TB. SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT works closely with its partners to achieve good health SOCIETY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT for everyone.
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